The Educational Technology Group (ETG) is a subcommittee of The Technology Planning and Policy Committee (TPPC), which steers and directs the IT development process for the College primarily to ensure that adoption and use of technology is accountable to the College’s strategic planning process.

The ETG reviews and approves academic technology proposals and advocates for academic IT development needs to the TPPC. Before being submitted to the TPPC the proposal will also be audited by IT Services with an eye toward making it as strong.


In determining if a technology proposal is approriate (as to another resource such as individual faculty grant or faculty development) consider the following questions below.

Does the requested item…

  • … create a need for funding not currently identified for planning and/or implementation?
  • … require more than ½ person/week (20 hours) in planning and/or implementation?
  • … have the potential for impact beyond the intended beneficiaries?
  • … create a need for new or significant additional IT service and/or support?
  • … create a need for change(s) in existing IT infrastructure configuration beyond what is routine?
  • … create a need for integration with existing SMC systems beyond what is routine?
  • … create a requirement for review according to federal or state law or guidelines?

If the response to any of the above questions is yes, then it is highly likely a proposal is needed. If you are unsure please contact the chair of ETG or the CTO for calrification.


Academic technology proposals can be submitted to the ETG through this site or directly to the CTO’s office.